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Help and Advice (Cutting through the jargon)

Domain Names - A domain name is needed to identify your site on the web. A name reflecting your business will help you to be found. There are many domain registration sites on the web, just type "domain name" into Google. Name registration is usually for a limited time e.g. 2 years then must be renewed. Most names cost a relatively small amount. If you do not  wish to find your own domain name I can register a suitable one (approved by you)  for a small fee - 20 plus name registration cost.

Web Hosting - A web host is required as this is the place where your site can be found on the web. There are many webhosts available and hosting costs from about 2.99 per month for a simple static site. The cost for a CMS site is higher from about 4.99 per month. I can arrange hosting for you in your name for a small fee, 20, the account for hosting would then be in your name and directly invoiced to you or you can arrange your own hosting.

Content Management System
- Most websites can only be changed by the web designer or someone who has the correct type of software on their computer. If you  need to regularly update material e.g. prices, event dates, up to date photos you would have to send the new material to your web designer and wait for them to update the site and send you a bill. With a CMS you can log on to your site and edit it from your own computer with ease. Tuition and documentation will be provided and you can contact us by email or phone if you have any problems.

The Internet - A ll  computer networks linked together world wide allowing acccess to information stored on other computer networks see wikipedia internet

World Wide Web (WWW or W3) - A series of web (hypertext) documents connected by the internet see wikipedia world wide web

The Cloud -   Many computer services today do not need software on your own computer.  Accessing other computers to do work is cloud computing and all the computers providing these services are collectively known as the Cloud. You can back up data, store and manipulate all your photos, shop and access encyclopedias without any software of your own see wikipedia The Cloud                                          

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